Using Artificial Intelligence to Augment and Enhance Human Resource Strategy, Planning, Job/Work Design, Staffing, Learning and Development, and Performance Management

Student thesis: DBA


This research evolved from a problem identified within artificial intelligence (AI) and human resource management (HRM) scholarship consisting of gap in knowledge surrounding the application of AI as it applies to HRM in the context of key functions within the Australian commercial media sector. Managers and HR professionals in the field of Australian commercial media consequently have no scholarly consensus upon which to draw when making decisions about the application of AI as it applies to their organisations. To date, little is known about how managers and HR professionals respond to AI and the potential to leverage the technology, and this research aims to fill this research gap.

This research was based on the following research questions:

RQ1. What are managers and HR professionals’ perceptions about AI's contributions across HRM strategy, HR planning, job/work design, staffing, learning and development, and performance management functions?

RQ2. What level of understanding do managers and HR professionals have about AI’s capability, including what it can and cannot do?

RQ3. How can an organisational understanding of AI be effectively leveraged to augment and enhance managers and HR professionals in conducting these functions?

All three research questions were answered through qualitative interviews using semi-structured questions. The responses were sought from 22 managers and HR professionals across the Australian commercial media sector, including radio, television, and streaming.

The study explored both scholarly and practice perspectives to address the research questions. In-depth interviews were conducted to understand participants' perspectives on AI's potential to enhance roles in management, HR professionals, and employees. The overall findings showed that there is potential for AI to enhance and augment the work of management and HR professionals in all key HRM functions with the exception of strategy. The research also showed potential for job and work redesign for a significant number of roles within the industry.

Overall, this research aims to contribute to a better understanding of AI's potential in HRM and other areas of practice within the Australian commercial media sector, enabling organisations to optimise efficiency and effectiveness while enriching the work of managers, HR professionals, and employees.
Date of AwardDec 2023
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • Australian Institute of Business
SupervisorAlan Nankervis (Supervisor) & Vishal Rana (Supervisor)

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