Academic Integrity in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

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    Powerful generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) has defined and transformed our modern era, and the fundamental conceptualization of academia stands at a crossroads. Academic Integrity in the Age of Artificial Intelligence delves deep into the seismic shifts and intricate challenges brought forth by the proliferation of AI technologies, exploring the intricacies between innovation and integrity.

    The rise of generative AI, exemplified by ChatGPT, has set a cascade of change across diverse sectors, including higher education, medicine, and the arts. This book dissects the multifaceted impact of AI on the academic landscape. With AI's ability to craft text and imagery mirroring human creativity, the lines between authentic scholarship and synthetic deception blur. The book examines the delicate balance between productivity and ethics while weaving a comprehensive tapestry of insights from various stakeholders.

    From academics grappling with the definition of AI-assisted breaches of academic integrity to policymakers reshaping the future of higher education, this book engages a myriad of voices. It scrutinizes the nascent challenges in assessment design, the urgent need to update antiquated integrity policies, and the importance of research ethics in an AI-driven world.

    Academic Integrity in the Age of Artificial Intelligence takes a panoramic view, transcending academia to explore the reverberations of AI ethics across industries. As medicine and the arts also grapple with the AI conundrum, the ramifications of academic integrity stretch far beyond lecture halls and research labs. This book is ideal for educators, policymakers, students, and technologists through the complicated terrain of AI ethics.
    Original languageEnglish
    PublisherIGI Global Publishing
    ISBN (Electronic)9798369302422
    ISBN (Print)9798369302408
    Publication statusPublished - Feb 2024


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